IEC materials that were distributed to stakeholders in Nsangi Town Council

  • Inclusive education was still a challenge and still misunderstood. There is need to work with schools and communities to underpin this concept.
  • The issue of school feeding is still challenging. It was reported that in towns contributions to school feeding was being made while in villages pupils have to pack food to school which is sometimes not available. It is noted that children in villages are challenged as most of them have one meal a day and parents wonder how they can cope with two meals per day yet they survive on one meal per day.
  • Pregnancy and doing examinations: While it has been agreed that all pregnant girls be allowed to do exams, this is yet to be practical across the country and those who are pregnant are chased out of schools as is the case today (policy contradictions) MoES re-entry guidelines need to be implemented to the later.

Life – long Learning Models still lack an education policy. There is inadequate funding and therefore, the policy development is still an unattended to business.

Below, samples of the posters and book covers that were distributed as IEC materials during the launch.