• Training of Rights Holders and duty bearers on the Rights Based Approach.
  • Launch of the Human Rights clubs for Nsangi Primary School and St. Charles Lwanga Primary school at Nsangi Primary School.
  • Production and distribution of 10,000 book covers, 200 table calendars and 1000 posters.
  • Contribution to HURINET-U and COUPSTA project implementation.
  • Conducting a half year Economic Social and Cultural Rights meeting.
  • Conducting a dialogue on ESCR and service delivery targeting twenty people.

The main purpose of the ESCR partnership was to
i. Promote awareness on human rights in general in relation to service delivery targeting the Health and Education sectors as well as the office of the Community Development Officer.
ii. Target both rights holders and duty bearers in helping them understand service delivery channels in relation to human rights.
iii. To enable the Abassa Ekimu Kyambazi Group members who are also community monitors identify challenges within their households, villages and the entire community.